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Main Dashboard

The main dashboard displays all of the stacks you have access to, together with vital information about the website's health, and a summary of the available updates and insights. 

Clicking on the stack's title will open the extended view for this stack.

On the right hand side you will find the live events stream - an aggregated list of events, in near-real-time, of everything that happens across your stacks.

Choose a few stacks on the dashboard to filter the events list on the right.


Stack Dashboard

The stack-specific dashboard displays a more in-depth information on the various measures stacksight collects, and of the insights and actionable items we produce for you.

The graph shows your progress over time, so you can visualize and expose it to your colleagues and clients. 

The list of insights below the graph details what you should do in order to improve and increase your overall score, and more important - your website's health.

On the right you will find a Stack-specific event stream.

Stack-Page-Add Tag-1

Teams and Guests

 Teams control who has access to see information about your stacks and receive notifications when something requires attention.  

Making websites healthier is usually not a single person's work. Some of you may be in charge of security, others on performance and someone else on accessibility or SEO. 

In Stacksight you can decide who sees what by inviting other users to be part of your organic team, or by inviting them as guests which restricts them to certain stacks only.


Inventory management

Inventory management is one of Stacksight's most useful tools. It gives you a comprehensive list of all components in all the your websites and platforms, all in one filterable list.

Finding which modules and versions are used in your websites was never faster. 

The inventory manager reveals exactly which stacks share the same modules, plugins and themes, so that you can respond faster to your clients and act with punctuality whenever the need arises.

Stacksight - inventory

Updates center

All your pending updates in a single place, for you to visualize and plan your upgrade.

Your overall health score is determined in big part by the level of your site's security, with the number of critical updates as an important factor.

Therefore you'd want to pay attention to this list, but don't worry if you miss an important update - we'll make sure to notify you in one the various notification channels available to you via Stacksight!

Stacksight - updates