1. Download Stacksight module from Drupal.org: https://www.drupal.org/project/stacksight
  2. Add a Stack on stacksight.io. Look for the Add Stack button.

    Stacksight - Stacksight-1

  3. In the setting page for the newly created stack, you will find a few lines of code that go into settings.php . Copy those lines and put them at the very end of your settings.php file.

    Stacksight - Stacksight-12

  4. [Note:] In future versions you will be able to copy the Stack ID only and paste it into the configuration page in Drupal.
  5. Enable the module in Drupal
  6. Visit the configuration page and enable some features: (at `/admin/config/development/stacksight` )
  7. Under the Features tab, enable some features and save:

    Stacksight | Drupal7 - Local@Zohar

  8. Stacksight sends some of its updates upon cron run, so make sure cron is running on your site. If cron is not running, we will try to run it for you.
  9. Now is a good time to go and do something else, like working on your website content for example. Within a few minutes Stacksight will start building your health profile.
  10. Go back to https://apps.stacksight.io/ and see how the information gets richer as time goes! Fix the reported problems and see your website’s health getting better 🙂