Stacksight Events

Most open source applications have some kind of event log of whats happening in them -
users come in and out, content is being edited, media uploaded etc.

These event logs tend to create  the same database used to power the application, so searching for historical data can be not only slow and sometimes unimaginative, but it can also hit the application's overall performance.

We decided to reinvent the “watchdog” and created a lightening fast experience which will provide meaningful insights about whats happening with your application.

StackSight Events is a searchable, filterable, and easily shareable event stream, built for collaboration with other team members.

This provides another level of auditing and insights ensuring that your application is acting the way you expect it to (hence if you are the sole admin and go in typically at 10AM - why is the admin user logging in at 2am?)

Stacksight lets you glimpse into what your content team is doing and helps editorial team get realtime insights of what their content creators are up to.