Hello, Stacksight

I'm proud to announce the (beta) availability of a project we've been working on in the past 2 years.
Stacksight is our pivot of the "mean network" or SASS layer which was planned to contemplate our popular opensource framework - mean.io.
We launched the mean.io project more then 3 years ago as a full-stack javascript framework that provided standardisation of the way we think about fullstack javascript projects.
As we where fleshing out ideas of how to serve the mean.io community we suddenly realised that the monitoring and operational insights where relevant to
All Opensource web platfroms.
This was an exciting idea - what if we could give all the services we imagined to wordpress, drupal, magento and basically the rest of the internet?
This is how stacksight was born. A platform that will let you gain insights about your applications current state, events, updates and health.
We will use this blog to announce features, share insights, tips and integration tutorials.
We believe that stacksight is the missing layer collecting operational data from your applications and providing the actionable operational  insights your business needs.
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