One Dashboard to Rule Them all

Operational Insights for your
Open Source Applications

The Ultimate Control Center

The Ultimate Control Center

Manage all your open source apps from one easy-to-use dashboard. From updates to backups and security, Stacksight will allow you to solve problems faster, reduce troubleshooting time and avoid the constant juggling between different plug-ins and tools.

Updated and secured


Open source is great, but not always that easy to manage. Let Stacksight inform you about available updates and keep your system  in perfect condition at all time.


Get real-time tracking of events and changes in your website. Configure your notifications and integrations and start making troubleshooting a breeze.


Get real-time logging information of warnings and errors regarding the open source apps in your system. Share insights on the fly with other team members and solve problems faster.


Build a complete Health Profile for your Open Source Applications and Websites


Track app availability, get notified on downtime and slow apps.


Get insights and tips on how to harden and secure you open-source application.


Measure your applications performance and get a list of things to do to improve it.


Sleep better at night – make sure your application is backed up.


Get an qualitative metric on how good your SEO is and how to improve it.


Is your open source app accessible? Are you compliant to accessibility standards.

All together now

Manage all your apps in one dedicated platform

Connect all the open source apps you run to Stacksight and avoid all that constant switching between different plugins and tools.


Simply get all the real-time info you need within a single slick dashboard. Set up your integration so that all your apps are organized into dedicated groups providing you the info you need whenever you want and wherever you go. From knowing what your content editors are uploading to getting updates about you website security and even seeing in real-time any single image that is being uploaded.

Everywhere you go

Get the updates and information you need, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. Anything you do on one device is reflected everywhere, with Stacksight you’re always in sync, while getting full access to all your notifications.

For Site owners
& Stacksight testers
Includes all health checks
Complete health profile
Real-Time logs and events
Data retention - 2 days
1 stack
Team support
Compliance reports
Priority support
Try Stacksight for free
per stack/month
Freelancers / Startups
/ Small teams
Unlimited pay as you go
Complete health profile
Real-Time logs and events
Data retention - 5 days
Unlimited stacks
Team support - Up to 6 users
Compliance reports
Priority support
Contact sales
Tailored to your requirements
Call us
Web Agencies / Universities
/ Governments
High volumes and priority support
Complete health profile
Real-Time logs and events
Data retention - 60 days
10 stacks included
Team support - Up to 50 users
Compliance reports
Priority support
Contact Sales

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